Before Michael Chiklis as “Thing”, before the Silver Surfer, before the just-released 2015 version … there was Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four. You never saw it, because, as it turns out, it was never meant to be seen.

Doomed: The Untold Story,  the brainchild of director Marty Langford and executive producer Mark Sikes, was conceived as the definitive account of Corman’s 1994 production, the controversial fallout, and the legacy of Roger Corman’s “The Fantastic Four.” I was there, and can tell you that this talented pair have done an outstanding job of putting the pieces together.

It’s a hell of a story and the director, cast and crew are appearing on August 13 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

Roger Corman, me, actors Rebecca Staab, Joseph Culp, Alex Hyde-White, special effects makeup artist John Vulich and Mark Sikes, the executive producer of Doomed will join in a discussion afterwards.

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