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… This has to be absolutely one of the best books ever written about what happens on set in the film and TV industries in general, and in the world of the professional stuntman in particular.

… If you have ever wondered what it is to work on a movie set and see the insanity that goes on, the tragedies, and the triumphs, this book is a must read.
Mike Tristano

It reads like an action adventure story. It gives you more than a glimpse into the inner working and behind the scenes look at life and drama in and around Hollywood and the “Industry.” Carl pulls no punches in pointing out some of the pompous and ego inflated “Stars” and bullies he has dealt with over 40 years but at the same time unabashedly points out, praises and thanks those people who have mentored him on his journey. His loyalty and love of friends and foremost family is laid out for all to see.
Sergio E. Gonzalez

If you enjoy learning about the behind-the-scenes stories of the movie industry, you owe it to yourself to purchase the brand new autobiography of legendary stuntman Carl Ciarfalio. With this new book, STARS, STUNTS AND STORIES: A HOLLYWOOD STUNTMAN’S FALL TO FAME, he moves to the front line of Hollywood biographers and you will enjoy it as much or more than books written by recognized biographers such as Scott Eyman or Joe McBride.

… Ciarfalio and his co-writer Teri Ryan have completed the most delightful new book on movies in many years. Ciarfalio and his co-writer Teri Ryan have completed the most delightful new book on movies in many years.
Ray Sharp

Carl’s humor, wisdom, knowledge, and experience all culminate into fantastic storytelling in a way that shines light on his craft, the entertainment industry, and most importantly on his journey and personal life.

… His message is clear. Do what you love. Jump and the net will appear.
Eric Olsson

If you even recognize him, you probably only know him as “that guy,” the nameless heavy who has been annihilated on screen by all your favorite Hollywood heroes over the past thirty-plus years. But “that guy” is living proof that to face whatever life throws at you, the best tools in a person’s kit are humility and a good sense of humor.

… This book is as engaging as a friend sharing war stories over a round of beers, and it’s told in the same friendly, approachable way. Ciarfalio is a blue-collar everyman who just happened to (literally) fall into a line of work that most people could only dream about. Its accounts give the reader a rare glimpse of just what goes into the stunts audiences demand from their entertainment, and what it takes to survive them when they go wrong.
Ethan Ireland

…Honest and powerful, this inspiring book is great for those interested in Hollywood action both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.
Mark Grove

…Carl had one hell of a ride and it was fun to go along reading his stories. If you’re interested in Hollywood and things related, this is a great book. 
Amazon Customer